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Custom Pet Planter

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A custom hand painted pet planter using your pet’s image as a reference. All breeds are available, just upload photos of your pet! This is a unique, one of a kind, functional gift that can serve as a pet memorial to remind pet lovers of their pets everyday. A perfect way to capture the spirit of your pet. Also great for old and new plant parents alike. An amazing option for dogs, cats, and any other animal!

How it works

  • Place your order, then email us photos of your pet. 
  • It is recommended that photos must show different angles of your pet’s head such as front, sides and back in a sitting pose. NOTE: It is ok if you only have one photo, but if we only receive the front of the face our artists will extrapolate the side and back of the head based on typical breed characteristics
  • To best match colors, images should be in natural light (but if you only have blurry photos, we’ll try our best, not a problem!)

How are the planters designed?

  • The model for each breed is based on a 3D model that we developed and printed based on standard breed characteristics
  • Materials - PLA Biodegradable Plastic
  • After being 3D printed models are then hand painted to resemble your pet
  • Poses and facial expressions for each breed are similar to the sample images
  • Note: During the 3D printing process, biodegradable plastic is extruded from the 3D printer in concentric layers. As a result there may be slight layer lines in the model as part of the design. That being said, we clean up the model during post processing -  handpainting models and finishing them with primer to limit the visibility / noticeability of these lines

What will be personalized?

  • The customization is done only in the painting of the breed model chosen so that it looks like the pet in the photo sent by the customer
  • At this time we do not alter our 3D models based upon adding additional features (such as hats, bandanas, specific facial expressions e.g. scrunched up faces etc.), though we plan to add additional customization in the future!

Dedication (Optional)

  • We will hand write a dedication / commemoration on the back if you’d like. This can be a pet’s name or date etc. [35 character limit]

Sizes / Dimensions

  • Definitions
      • External Dimensions = Planter physical size
        • External dimensions are approximate depending upon breed characteristics
      • Internal Dimensions = Plant / soil space
        • Internal dimensions are standard across all designs

    • Standard
      • External Dimensions - 5.3 inches width x 6.2 inches length x 5.3 inches height 
      • Internal Dimensions - Top Diameter - 4 inches, Height 3.5 inches, Base Diameter - 2.7 inches
    • Medium
      • External Dimensions - 6.6 inches width x 7.7 inches length x 6.6 inches height 
      • Internal Dimensions - Top Diameter - 5 inches, Height - 4.5 inches, Base Diameter - 3.7 inches
    • Large
      • External Dimensions - 7.9 inches width x 9 inches length x 7.9 inches height
      • Internal Dimensions - Top Diameter - 6 inches, Height - 5.3 inches, Base Diameter - 4.13 inches

    • Contact us directly if interested in larger sizes and we can provide a specific quote


    • All models currently have 3 drainage holes (each drainage hole is ~0.5 inches / 1.5 cm in diameter)
    • You can insert soil directly into the planter or use a separate standard planter sheath within the custom planter for redundancy

    Production / Shipping Time

    • Since custom pet planters are 3D printed on demand and then hand painted, production and shipping time is approximately 3-5 weeks
    • Note: Time to delivery can vary depending on our current production schedule, but we endeavor to print and ship all orders as fast as we can
    • 3D printed in USA, shipped worldwide

    Returns / Refunds

    • Since planters are custom printed and hand painted we do not accept returns or refunds at this time.